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13aker's  Dozen  Kitchen

Your day just got a whole lot better.
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Turn your love of fresh bread into a habit.


Gertrude's Sourdough Bread


Delicious Rustic Homemade Breads!



Lemon Loaves, Cinnamon Rolls and Sticky Buns-oh my!

Meet Baker's Dozen Kitchen

Hi! I'm Martha.  After leaving the restaurant world to pursue my law degree and working for years in the insurance industry, I am finally returning to my roots where I fell in love with baking and cooking.  My sourdough breads are made from my lively starter named Gertrude,  and my country blonde bread is perfect for those who want rustic but not sour.  Sweet tooth? Don't fear my friend! Try a homemade cinnamon roll or sticky bun.  Maybe even a mini loaf of lemon bread!! You don't have to choose between them- try them all!  (I won't tell :)). 

Give Baker's Dozen Kitchen a try- you'll realize that your day just got a whole lot better.  

xoxo Martha

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Cinamon Rolls

Sticky Buns or Cinnamon Rolls? Either way you can't lose.

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